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At Schaper, Benz & Wise Investment Counsel, we offer investment management services primarily to families of wealth, foundations, and businesses.  Each investment advisor within our firm works with a limited number of clients.  This allows sufficient time to effectively serve each individual and conduct thorough investment research, the true foundation that underlies superior long-term investment returns.  Our investment management process entails:

  1. Working closely with clients to understand their individual financial situation and money management goals
  2. Establishing a clear investment objective
  3. Constructing and managing a prudently diversified investment portfolio of high-quality securities customized to achieve results consistent with the objective
Investment Counsel | Schaper, Benz & Wise

Our Philosophy

We work hard on your behalf to make prudent asset management decisions.  Our investment advisors are always doing their homework, researching and analyzing the investment options for stock, bond, and mutual fund selection.  These efforts help us build appropriately diversified portfolios that will result in the achievement of your investment objectives.

We’ve followed the same tried-and-true approach to our client relationships since 1992. It may be simple, but it’s also the best.

  1. Getting to Know You – We’ll listen closely to understand every element that factors into your financial situation.
  2. Setting Goals – Once we’ve mapped out the details, we’ll set goals and formulate a plan of action.
  3. Implementing the Plan – Leave the difficult decisions to us. We’ll see to it that your family aspirations are met.
  4. Continuous Monitoring – Circumstances change. We’ll be here to guide you every step of the way.


A Solid Investment Management Approach

Thorough Investment Research & Analysis
Our primary investment management approach is to pursue high-quality consistent growth companies. We strive to achieve long-term growth of principal and income. Schaper, Benz & Wise Investment Counsel dedicates a significant amount of time and effort toward internal fundamental investment research and analysis to help us in our stock selection. This includes direct contact with company management in person and over the phone. Brokerage research reports and other outside research providers are used to supplement our internal efforts. When researching, our investment advisors emphasize companies with:

Diversified Equity Portfolios
Our equity portfolios are generally fully or close to fully-invested at all times. We do not employ active trading or market-timing strategies. A typical equity portfolio is diversified among 40 to 50 companies, of which at least 70% are core holdings with the remainder in emerging growth or special situation holdings.


Fixed Income

Our fixed income strategy is geared toward the following objectives:

Our portfolios are, generally, laddered maturities of treasury issues and investment-grade corporate or municipal issues.  Because credit quality is extremely important, we are highly selectively in our use of non-investment grade bonds. Portfolio average maturities range from three to eight years in most cases. We are not involved in active trading or swapping techniques or forecasting of short-term changes in interest rates.  Typically, we hold fixed income investments to maturity.

Our money market strategy is to provide maximum safety and liquidity, while realizing a competitive yield. We utilize high-quality money market mutual funds, and treasury bills.

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